Access Control

We stock a wide range of access control equipment which allows you to control who has access to your premises. Our range of access control systems are suitable for many types of installations such as residential properties, offices and public buildings such as schools and hospitals. Access control systems can operate automatic gates, doors and barriers and are available in various options such as audio and video intercoms, keypads, GSM controllers, exit switches and loop detectors.



Installing a keypad is a convenient and secure way of controlling access to external entrances such as garages, car and pedestrian gates and doors. They are ideal for multiple occupancy properties and a simple way of allowing other access without having to answer the door. 

Installing access control equipment provides extra security and a safer environment for your building.

Transmitters and Receivers

Small, thin and powerful, easy to keep in your pocket or bag, or use as an elegant keyring: Our range of transmitters lets you control any automation system, even existing ones, with a simple click!


Loop Detection

A loop detector is used in conjunction with an automated gate to allow your gate to open automatically when a vehicle enters the loop that is buried in the ground. Loop detectors work when they detect a large metallic mass but they are not triggered by pedestrians or animals. Loop detectors are often used for commercial and public properties where they can either be to open the gate or alternatively to prevent the gate from closing. 

Gate Safety 

Our range of safety edges are designed to guard against any possible shearing or crushing points on electric gates and barriers. They are to be used on sliding and swing gates where there is any movement and risk of crushing. Safety edges are a rubber profile with a contact strip in the middle which triggers an automatic stop when the contact strip detects any contact. The rubber of the safety edge compresses, providing protection for people and objects from crushing.


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